Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

What I use and why I do

Almost every creator knows questions like this »Hey, which tools are using to create this and that?« – but the more important question might not be »what« but »why«.

And since I'm asked questions like that, too, I decided to put up a list myself. But rather than just listing things I also talk about why these things are on that list.

For transparency:
Although the following contents might seem as if they were advertisements: I was not asked to post about the tools or resources by their creators nor do I get paid by them. I bought these by myself, none of this was sent to me. This is to be seen as my personal recommendation for someone who might have the same use case as I do and might not be suitable for other use cases. Always think before you buy. Why would you buy and would you use it?



Iconfu is a plattform operated by Incors - the people who came up with Iconexperiece, which might be well known by WoltLab-Suite-Veterans. They created the Icon-Collection used with WoltLab Suite 1.x (WCF 1.x) - the X-Collection, followed by V-Collection, M-Collection, O-Collection, I-Collection and G-Collection.

With Iconfu you can customize and download icons in your color and style. It allows you to customize the icons of the M-Collection (now called Mono Icons), G-Collection (now Paper icons), O-Collection (no Omni Icons) and I-Collection (now Line Icons). The service is a paid service, but there's also a free plan allowing you to customize Google's Material Icons. Icons are available as png or svg or ico. You can also create an icon font.

Prizing is pretty much okay, if you already own Icons from Icon Experience there's a discount for you - they should have emailed you. If not, you can contact their support.

I decided to switch to Iconfu since I already own almost every Collection by Icon Experience and I found it pretty convenient to be able to adjust color and style some of the icons I use on Elevenfour. And yes: You can easily customize these icons by yourself if you already own the icons. But it's pretty time consuming.


Noto Emojis

Noto Emojis is a free emoji set (Apache 2.0 license) by Google set which you can download from Github. Noto Emojis is Android's default emoji set.

Since I don't like the default emoticons that come with WoltLab Suite I was looking for an alternative. To be honest: I would have liked to use Apple's emoji set but this is not free. Next came the set by Google since it's rather pretty designed, free and was rather complete at the time I downloaded it. Icons are available as png and svg.


Another free emoji set worth to look at might be Twemoji by Twitter (CC-BY 4.0 license)

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is the icon set that's used throughout WoltLab Suite since WoltLab Suite 2.x. As of now WoltLab Suite uses the icon font in version 4 of Font Awesome. There are rumors that WoltLab Suite 5.2 might use the free version of Font Awesome 5.

Since Elevenfour's redesign in 2019 I started using Font Awesome 5 Pro. There are 3 icon styles available with Font Awesome 5 Pro: regular, solid and light.

According to their website Font Awesome is the web's most used icon set. It's Desktop friendly so you can easily use it in your design app and it's rather easy to use.

I use it for consistency reason in WoltLab Suite and since I like the design of the icons.