Support Guidelines

Elevenfour's priority is providing products of good quality. But since everybody is unique and at the end nobody is flawless Elevenfour offers a variety of resources to help you get started. From tutorials, to documentation to personal support in the support forum.

Since Elevenfour's products are free of charge and my time is limited (sadly) here are some basic guidelines to help you understand what you can expact from Elevenfour's support.

Supported WoltLab Suite™ Versions

We support the latest main version of WoltLab Suite™ (WS), e.g. WoltLab Suite™ 5.5. We might also release (beta) versions of Elevenfour's products for development purposes of yet unstable versions of WoltLab Suite™.

There's a support grace period of two months after we've released the last compatibility update for Elevenfour's styles/plugins for a new WoltLab Suite™ version.

The label system on Elevenfour helps identify quickly which versions are supported

  • red means unstable/no support, e.g. WS 6.0
  • green means latest stable version, fully supported, might get new features, e.g. WS 5.5
  • yellow means 2 months grace period, support for bug fixes, no new features, e.g. WS 5.4
  • grey means legacy stable version, unsupported, e.g. WS 5.3

Elevenfour does not support WoltLab Cloud - most of Elevenfour's products are not compatible.

Supported Browsers

We support the latest two main versions of major browsers, i.e. Firefox, Safari, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave (Chromium browsers).

This means there's no support for Internet Explorer and legacy Edge.

Help With Errors

We will help you free of charge with any error in our products, as long as it's still supported (yellow or green label). This does not cover your own faults.

There's no guarantee that any of Elevenfour's products is fit for any purpose. Also, it might take a little time until an issue can be fixed - and if I can't fix it, than it won't be fixed.

Third Party Products

Elevenfour does only support WoltLab's applications. If a third party product was available free of charge and without registration I might have a look at it, should there be any issues.

New Features/ Suggestions

New features will only be shipped for the latest stable version of WoltLab Suite™ - and only if I see that it might make sense (to me) due to requests and the future of the given product.


Some licences allow for certain customizations of Elevenfour's products. While Elevenfour encourages you to customize whenever required and allowed, we do not support any issues that arise through customizations.

How To Get Support

You can get support or suggest new features through Elevenfour's support forum - that's the fastest and most organized way. Don't send emails or conversations unless you're invited to do so.

End of Support

Elevenfour can terminate support for any free of charge product at any time without any explanation. The latest point for this is when a product is available only for a WoltLab Suite™ version that's not officially supported by Elevenfour (grey label).

Get Support

Support Forum

Ran into an issue that isn't discussed in the support area yet or want to suggest new features? The Forum is the right place and we're happily here to help you. (User account required.)


Looking for information on how to use one of Elevenfour's products or how to fix a certain bug? Head over to Elevenfour's Documentation.