Classic, Clean Aesthetics For
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Pria: A modern classic for WoltLab Suite - free of charge

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  • WS 5.5.7




compatible with WoltLab apps

HiDPi-ready and responsive


modern code

for a list of changes please read the changelog

Version 5.5.1

  • added improvements for UZ Show (only tested against SoftCreatR's version)

Version 5.5.0

  • compatibility with WS 5.5
  • userMenu design
  • new pageHeader design for mobile
  • 5.5 syntax for language files

Version 5.4.1

  • fix fade-out syntax
  • fix missing include

Version 5.4.0

  • initial release


Pria is a light style with classic dark blue aethestics that don't distract from your content - perfect for professional communities, blogs and everyone else who likes classic design.

The font family used throughout the design is Fira Sans.

To heighten performance every image used in this style is a webp-image - that does mean that this will not work in old browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari 13 and Safari 14 on macOS Catalina).

If you're running this style in a multilingual system: There are language variables available for Pria in German, English, French and Spanish. You can add more language variables.

As always: Well structured and clean modern modular SCSS code help to make this style a beauty at the backend too. Although you now might not need to look there. Pria is build to work with all apps currently available by WoltLab: Core (of course), Forum, Filebase, Blog, Calendar and Gallery. If third party developers stuck with WoltLab Suite's standards this style will also be compatible with their plugins or apps out of the box.