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  • WS 5.5.0
  • Changelog

Version 5.5.0

  • release for WoltLab Suite 5.5

Version 5.4.0

  • initial release


The plugin »Drop Cap BBCode« is an easy way to add a dropped capital letter to selected paragraphs.

What is a Drop Cap?

A drop cap (dropped capital) is a large capital letter used as a decorative element at the beginning of a paragraph or section. The size of a drop cap is usually two or more lines. Tradionally these were uses for print design.

How Do I Use This?

After installation select the paragraph you want to style in the editor and then click the button  in the editor toolbar, then click submit. Done.

Can I Customize This?

Yes, you can style the drop cap via CSS. For information on that please refer to the Elevenfour Documentation, Customize Drop Cap BBCode

Screenshot of an article's paragraph with a dropped capital