Vespasian a style for WoltLab Suite 3.1 by Elevenfour

Vespasian Preview

A light style family of three color variants: blue, green and pink

  • Released


  • Version

    3.1.2 (changelog)

  • System requirements

    • WS 3.1.2
    • WS 3.0.11

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This style has been discontinued - die Weiterentwicklung dieses Stils wurde eingestellt


  • modern color variants

    This style comes with these color variants: Blue, Pink, Green

  • Google Webfonts

    Via Google Fonts the style uses Fira Sans. The fallback font is Geneva

  • Multilingual

    The style supports Multilingualism - german and english are included. You can add more languages.

  • Easily customizable

    Choose your background images - change settings - this style makes it as easy as never before with WoltLab Suite 3.0

  • Compatible

    The style was written in CSS 3, supports all modern browsers and works with all WoltLab applications for WoltLab Suite 3.0

  • HiDPi ready and responsive

    The style is out of the box suitable for high resolution monitors and makes uses of the responsive features of WoltLab Suite

  • extended License

    The extended Elevenfour License applies - so you have several options to customize the style


Vespasian is a style family of three light styles - blue, green and pink are the color variants that are available.

Vespasian is an advanced version of the idea behind the light X-Style variants. This style reworks the look of WoltLab Suite 3.0 in some ways. It splits the main navigation from the user panel like you know it from the X-Style and moves the additional icons, like »mark as read« to the user panel. You also get a new header with this style with either bold calls to action to login/ register or user information depending on if a user is logged in or not. The page footer has buttons offering to register or log in should the user not be logged in. Where it made sense the style also uses borders to improve readability.

The logo of the style is a high resolution png so it's best viewed on screens with high pixel density (Retina), also.

The logo will not be shown to guests (no user logged in). It's not possible to set advertisements within the header.

CSS-Code is well structured as always and comes with some additional variables making it easy to customize the style according to the license.

Do you have any suggestions that could help make the style better or did you find a bug? Then sign up or login and let me know about it on the forum. Thanks a lot, this would help all users of the style.

Vespasian Pink Preview Vespasian Blue Preview Vespasian Green Preview
  • Package information

    available via Elevenfour's package server

    Package identifier : | |
    License: extended Elevenfour License
    Package dependencies : com.woltlab.wcf | net.elevenfour.languagepack.styles

  • Support

    you can ask for further support in the support forum (account required)

  • Matching FAQs

    How Can I Download and Use a Style/ Plugin by Elevenfour?
    Classic downloads of styles and plugins are no longer available. the installation is handled via the ACP. read more

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