Horizon by Elevenfour

A Modern Interpretation of the Blue Sunrise
Style Family for Your WoltLab Suite 5

Bringing back memories of Burning Board 3.1 - free of charge

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Version 5.4.0

  • compatibility with WoltLab Suite 5.4

Version 5.3.1 (only Space Blue)

  • fixed color issues with wcfSidebarHeadline
  • fixed template pageFooterStyleCopyright

  • not updateable, needs to be reinstalled, sorry

Version 5.3.0

  • compatibility with WoltLab Suite 5.3

Version 5.2.1

  • fixed an issue that would cause a crash when upgrading to WoltLab Suite 5.3

Version 5.2.0

  • initial release for WoltLab Suite 5.2

Key Features

  • improved

  • system fonts used to ensure GDPR compatibility

  • compatible with WoltLab apps

  • HiDPi-ready and responsive

  • multilingual

  • modern code

  • 5 variants

  • built with 15 years experience in designing for WoltLab apps


Horizon is a style family that's inspired by the Blue Sunrise style family that was originally designed by WoltLab for Burning Board 3. This style family currently consits of 5 variants: Space Black, Space Blue, Blue Sunrise, Green Sunrise and Red Sunrise.

Compared to the default style of WoltLab Suite Core Horizon comes with improved accessibilty. For example the font size is truly responsive; so if you change your browser's default font size the style will seamlessly adapt. Also some links are more easy to discover since they're either blue oder underlined or even both. Another focus of this style family is color contrast - but remember: The Space Black variant is not best for everyone. So if you use it, make sure that you have another lighter version installed for those users who have a hard time using dark styles (even if contrast was high enough).

To make sure this style is compatible with GDPR it does not load external resources like Google Fonts. Instead there's a font stack set that falls back to each system's system font if Trebuchet MS was not available. Trebuchet MS is the font that was used as the default font in Burning Board 3.

As always the code used to build the Horizon style family follows modern standards. It's modular and well structured so Horizon is not only a beauty on the front end but also the back end. Horizon is build to work with all apps currently available by WoltLab: Core (of course), Forum, Filebase, Blog, Calendar and Gallery. If third party developers stuck with WoltLab Suite's standards this style will also be compatible with their plugins or apps.

If you're running this style in a multilingual system: There are language variables available for Horizon in German, English, French and Spanish.

Download Information

This style is available from Elevenfour's package server right from your ACP. There's no need to download. To learn more about this read the article about the installion process.

Package Information

Package identifier: net.elevenfour.wcf.style.horizon.spaceblack | net.elevenfour.wcf.style.horizon.spaceblue | net.elevenfour.wcf.style.horizon.bluesunrise | net.elevenfour.wcf.style.horizon.greensunrise | net.elevenfour.wcf.style.horizon.redsunrise | net.elevenfour.wcf.style.horizon.bluesunrise.snow (only WS 5.4)
License: Elevenfour License 2.0
Package dependencies: com.woltlab.wcf | net.elevenfour.languagepack.styles


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Built using theseModern Apps and Web Technologies

  • Sketch

  • Visual Studio Code

  • CSS level 3+

  • HTML 5

  • PHP 7

Made with ❤️ in Neukölln, Berlin.