Caliburn Dark

Caliburn Dark

A dark style with purple color accents.

macBook presenting preview of Caliburn style

A dark style with purple color accents.

  • Released


  • Version

    3.1.1 (changelog)

  • System requirements

    WS 3.1.9 pl 1

You install this package directly from your ACP. There's no download. Add Elevenfour package server:    Tutorial Installation via plugin


  • Improved Accessibility

    This style comes with some improvements to make your site more accessible compared to the default style of WoltLab Suite. #accessibility

  • High Contrast

    The colors used within this style were chosen to provide high contrast so it's also easy to use by people with low vision.

  • System fonts

    The style uses system fonts, so the style feels native and is GDPR-friendly.

  • Multilingual

    The style supports Multilingualism - german, english, french and spanish are included. You can add more languages.

  • HiDPi ready and responsive

    The style is out of the box suitable for high resolution monitors and makes uses of the responsive features of WoltLab Suite

  • Compatible

    The style was written in CSS 3, supports all modern browsers and works with all WoltLab applications for WoltLab Suite 3.1


Caliburn is a clean dark style with purple color accents for WoltLab Suite 3.1.

The font size of this style is responsive, i.e. if your user has set higher font-size in their browser because they have issues reading small text than this style automatically reacts to this setting and displays your content in this larger font size making sure it's readable. Furthermore, if the browser supports this, links are displayed in a way that the underline stops if it would cross a letter, like g.

As you know it from Elevenfour: This style is coded according to modern standards, it’s modular coded, responsive and suitable for high resolution screens (HiDPI/ Retina).

If you want to customize this style please read the license. It’s very easy unsing the variables of this style.

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    • optional
    • included
  • Package information

    available via Elevenfour's package server

    Package identifier :
    License: extended Elevenfour License
    Package dependencies : com.woltlab.wcf | net.elevenfour.languagepack.styles

  • Support

    you can ask for further support in the support forum (account required)

  • Matching FAQs

    How Can I Download and Use a Style/ Plugin by Elevenfour?
    Classic downloads of styles and plugins are no longer available. the installation is handled via the ACP. read more

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