Caliburn a style for WoltLab Suite 3.1 by Elevenfour


  • Released


  • Version

    3.1.0 Beta 2 (changelog)

  • System requirements

    WS 3.1.0 Beta 4

You install this package directly from your ACP. There's no download. Add Elevenfour package server:    Tutorial Installation via plugin


  • Multilingual

    The style supports Multilingualism - german, english, french and spanish are included. You can add more languages.

  • Google Webfonts

    Via Google Fonts the style uses Fira Sans. The fallback font is Geneva

  • Easily customizable

    Choose your background images - change settings - this style makes it as easy as never before with WoltLab Suite 3.1

  • HiDPi ready and responsive

    The style is out of the box suitable for high resolution monitors and makes uses of the responsive features of WoltLab Suite

  • Compatible

    The style was written in CSS 3, supports all modern browsers and works with all WoltLab applications for WoltLab Suite 3.1

  • extended License

    The extended Elevenfour License applies - so you have several options to customize the style

This style is beta - do not use in production evironments.


  • this style is beta - it has bugs for sure
  • it's possible that it won't be possible to update to the next and/or final version
  • do not use in production evironments
  • you use this at your own risk
  • there is no plugin to add the package server for WoltLab Suite 3.1 to your installation at the moment. So, you need to add the server manually
  • Package information

    available via Elevenfour's package server

    Package identifier :
    License: extended Elevenfour License
    Package dependencies : com.woltlab.wcf | net.elevenfour.languagepack.styles

  • Support

    you can ask for further support in the support forum (account required)

  • Matching FAQs

    How Can I Download and Use a Style/ Plugin by Elevenfour?
    Classic downloads of styles and plugins are no longer available. the installation is handled via the ACP. read more

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Comments 1

  • Sehr schöner Stile! Gefällt mir unheimlich gut, vorallem das Farbspiel :)