Elevenfour Packageserver

Elevenfour Package Server

Adds the Elevenfour Update Server
To Your WoltLab Suite

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Version 5.3.0 Beta 1

  • initial release for WoltLab Suite 5.3

Version 5.2.0 Beta 1

  • initial release for WoltLab Suite 5.2


Beta version. This plugin isn't tested to its fullest. There may be bugs - it's not recommended to run this on production systems. If you install this remember to backup your system first.

This plugin adds the update server of Elevenfour to your package server list so you will always get the latest version of Elevenfour's styles and plugins.

If you already added the package server's URL manually you don't need to install this plugin.

More information on package installation can be found here: How Can I Download and Use a Style/ Plugin by Elevenfour?

Download Information

WoltLab Suite 5.4: Download 5.4 stable

WoltLab Suite 5.3: Download 5.3 stable

If you upgraded from an earlier Version of WoltLab Suite you can remove any older Elevenfour servers after the upgrade process is completed.

Package Information

Package identifier: net.elevenfour.wcf.packageserver.stable
License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
Package dependencies: com.woltlab.wcf


Do you need support? You'll get it for free in Elevenfour's Support Forum. You need an account for that. Sign up here - it's free and you can cancel anytime.

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