Dark Mode

Dark Mode

for WoltLab Suite ACP

You install this package directly from your ACP. There's no download. Add Elevenfour package server:    Tutorial Installation via plugin


The plugin »Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP« brings a dark design to the Administration Control Panel (ACP) of your WoltLab Suite installation. This plugin might slow down the performance of your ACP a little bit since it rewrites all colors - even if it's compressed.

There's also an option to deactivate the Dark Mode. The plugin has no effect on the front end of WoltLab Suite.

The colors are based on the style »Dark Core« by Elevenfour which comes as an optional package. So if you want your front end to use the same colors you should install this style, too. Both (Dark Mode and Dark Core) are licensed LGPL V3.

A general note on ACP redesigns:
WoltLab does not want you to redesign the ACP because it makes supporting harder and more time consuming if things don't look like they usually do. And I understand and share their opinion. So whenever you need support (from WoltLab or anyone else) and you activated Dark Mode: Be responsible and deactivate Dark Mode first before you let them enter your ACP. It's like cleaning your home before your Mom visits - nobody really likes to do this but it needs to be done.

This plugin partly uses LGPL-licensed (S)CSS code by Woltlab, but is in no way associated with WoltLab or supported by WoltLab.

Special thanks to SoftCreatR for his suggestions for improvement during the beta phase.

Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP - Screenshot on notebook Dark Mode Full HD - WoltLab Suite 3.1 Screenshot

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