Styles and Plugins for WoltLab Suite

Since you're an administrator of a WoltLab Suite copy you use a technically very advanced software. To make it look good, you can get free styles for your WoltLab Suite here.

And if you'd like to improve the presentation of your articles and forum posts Elevenfour also offers some suitable plugins for your WoltLab Suite.


A good look alone is not enough in the web. That's why the WoltLab Suite™ styles by Elevenfour offer the perfect combination of form, color and function for a great user experience. So get started extending your WoltLab Suite Community with cost-free styles by Elevenfour.

Elevenfour's plugins have the goal to make your content stand out. If it's a BBCode for WoltLab Suite™ to highlight your Pullquotes or one to mark your most important thoughts in your article: Extend your WoltLab Suite Community with cost-free plugins by Elevenfour.

6,300+ Downloads since 2006

I started creating styles for WoltLab Burning Board in 2005 and first made them available for download in 2006, when launching In 2009, when Burning Board 3.1 came out, I also released some of my styles on WoltLab's Pluginstore.

Since then hundreds of people downloaded the free of cost styles and plugins I created for them - that's more than 6,300 downloads over time summed up on, and

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