Get Ready for

WoltLab Suite 6.0

Learn about the new features and what's planned by Elevenfour.

Memories of Burning Board 3.1


A Modern Interpretation of Blue Sunrise for WoltLab Suite.

Dim the Lights

Dark Mode for your WoltLab Suite ACP

Give your ACP an appealing dark look.

WoltLab Suite is a technically very advanced and modern software, but out of the box looks a little bland. Our styles and plugins help you spice up things. And best of all: It's free of charge.

8,000+ Downloads since 2006

I started creating styles for WoltLab Burning Board in 2005 and first made them available for download in 2006, when launching In 2009, when Burning Board 3.1 came out, I also released some of my styles on WoltLab's Pluginstore.

Since then hundreds of people downloaded the free of cost styles and plugins I created for them - that's more than 8,000 downloads over time summed up on, and