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The well received Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP was updated to version 3.1.4 resp. 5.2.1 today.

How to Shrink the userPanel Dropdowns

If you've installed some plugins that extend the Dropdowns of WoltLab Suite, you might want to shrink them down a little bit.
*drum roll* Elevenfour releases a new plugin. And it's a dark mode for your WoltLab Suite's ACP. It's still in closed beta - if you'd like to learn more, this article explains.
Caliburn Dark is the improved successor of Caliburn coming with a darker color scheme.
Makani - a new dark style with yellow color accents for WoltLab Suite - available today.

Ayendo - New Style Released

Today Ayendo was released - a new colorful style for WoltLab Suite 3.1.

Caliburn 3.1.0 released

The final version of Caliburn 3.1.0 was released today.
Today Magma was released - a new dark style for WoltLab Suite 3.1.
Flavius 3.1.2 fixes some color and layout bugs.
Flavius 3.1.1 fixes some bugs and adds a bit more color.
Today Elevenfour released the second wave of compatibility updates for selected styles to upgrade to WoltLab Suite 3.1.
The day has come: Flavius for WoltLab Suite 3.1 has been released officially. Read about the changes in this article.
Today Elevenfour released the first wave of compatibility updates for selected plugins and styles to upgrade to WoltLab Suite 3.1.
As with every upgrade to a new version of WoltLab Suite there's the question of plugin and style compatibility when upgrading to WoltLab Suite 3.1, too. This article is an overview of what Elevenfour plans for its styles and plugins.
Der Support von WoltLab Suite 2.0 und 2.1 bei Elevenfour wird Ende des Jahres eingestellt. Einen kleinen Ausblick auf die weiteren Entwicklungen bei Elevenfour erhältst du in diesem Artikel.
Introduced with WoltLab Suite 3.0 there's a featured called style protection. I'll explain what it is and if you should keep it or disable it.