About Elevenfour Photostories

Hey there! Great to see you here on Elevenfour Photostories.
My name is René and I am a web designer from Berlin. Whenever I find the time, the right place and light I take photos with my iPhone. I built this page to share the stories behind the photos I created. You maybe know most of my photos if you follow me on Instagram.

I came up with the idea to create this photo blog in July 2017 on my photo walk through Karl-Marx-Allee. There’s this saying “Every picture tells a story” and while this is true sometimes there’s a story the photo maybe cannot tell. Another purpose of this page is to give me a bit more control over my content than I would have on Instagram. So if you visit this page you can see everything I posted and not just those things some algorithm decided you should see.

A few words on the theme used on this site:
Originally I planned to use a premade theme and was pretty surprised that there wasn’t a theme that would at least to some extend match my needs. So I decided that I’d write one from scratch and now it’s here. There are no plans to release this theme to public so please don’t ask for it.

If you made it to this point: Thanks for reading and enjoy reading this blog.
Cheers, René