TV Tower (again)

This picture is a reedit of a photo of the TV Tower I shot at golden hour in October 2015. And it was one of the first I ever took using an iPhone. I didn’t know about the camera grid feature, I wasn’t even used to handling the iPhone and I didn’t have a great app to edit photos – I was left with what Instagram offers. I could have used Photoshop to make all the neccessary adjustments but the goal was to try Instagram and edit everything on the iPhone.

So yesterday I chose that I’ll edit two of my very first photos – the other one can be found here – and see what these photos would look like using the tools available to me today: Still everything strictly iPhone. Although I’ve broken that rule several times before and will do again. First I opened the original photo in VSCO to make some adjustments to the alignment, light and contrast and saved it. Then I opened this pic in Google’s Snapseed and adjusted the color to emphasize all the color that was there. And last but not least: I chose to use almost the complete original frame and didn’t just crop it to the sphere and the antenna.

And as you see: It’s a good idea to keep your original footage. You might be able to come up with a better edit some time later.

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