Status Update #3

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Today I’ll just post a screenshot showing the development version of the Gwendolyn Theme running on WordPress; so you see: it’s alive. :)

Gwendolyn Theme For WordPress (development version)

You’ll find more Information on Gwendolyn if you read the article Gwendolyn Theme for WordPress

Viento 3.0

Reading Time: < 1 minutesToday, I created the first version of Viento 3.0 for WoltLab Suite 3.0.

Viento is a style family based on the colors of colors of Google’s Material Design. The style is very light weight with only a few (S)CSS modifications since the goal of this style is to prove that it’s easy to create a good looking style for WoltLab Suite 3.0 without having to write a lot of (S)CSS. Continue reading “Viento 3.0”

The Elevenfour Labs Moved

Reading Time: < 1 minutesToday the Elevenfour Labs moved to a new home – if you like to say so.
The content is the same – though some old pages were removed – and you’ll still find here what you found here before. The only difference is the addition of /content/ to the URL – so instead of it’s now

This was necessary to be future proof because I came up with some ideas I had for Elevenfour but more on that topic some time later.

The future of the X-Style

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Back in 2008 I created a style which has become the most downloaded style on Elevenfour in 2016 – the X-Style. Since 2008 this style has seen three redesigns. To be honest: I never expected that the style could be a success like this. So when announcing that I would design styles for WoltLab Suite the X-Style was set to be adapted for WoltLab Suite right from the beginning.

One of the main goals of the latest redesign (X-Style 4.1) was to modernize the style and make it more future prove. And if you look at the dark versions: the design looks great. But I’m not happy with the white versions.

Continue reading “The future of the X-Style”

The Elevenfour Labs got a little refresh

Reading Time: < 1 minutesToday the Elevenfour Labs got a little refresh. Nothing spectacular but it looks a little different. The theme was changed to the new default Theme Twenty Seventeen coming with WordPress 4.7. In preparation for upgrading the Elevenfour server to PHP 7.x I also had to change the plugin that powers the progress bars showing on the projects pages so they look a bit different, too.

Should you experience any bugs please drop a comment, thanks. :)