Thank You (ed. 2019)

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So, I guess it’s official: Another year has gone. And weirdly it feels like I posted last year’s post just a month ago. Thank you to all you who have been visiting Elevenfour, downloaded styles and plugins, viewing and liking photos on Instagram, Videos on YouTube and more. And thank you to all of you who expressed their trust by signing up for/ subscribing to Elevenfour.

The Goals I’ve had for 2019

There was one goal which I didn’t mention in last year’s post: Take more quality time for myself. And I did that. So, I can leave the check here ✅ For me 2019 was a good year: I’ve attended my first WordCamp (Word Camp Europe in Berlin, almost just around the corner from where I live), I visited two concerts, I travelled to Rome and I learned a lot from creators like Sean Tucker, Peter McKinnon, Becki & Chris, iJustine and Alex Böhm. Thank you to all of you (though I guess you won’t read this).