Gwendolyn Theme for WordPress

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sometimes inspiration hits you when you least expect it – that’s why today I ended up designing a prototype of what’s to become a new WordPress Theme.

Before I get into details I maybe should say some things about my atempts to design themes for WordPress. I am designing themes for WordPress since 2008. Mostly building up on exisiting themes like Twenty Ten, Twenty Twelve and so on. In 2016 I said that I’m working on theme called “Camelot” – well I didn’t forget about and I’m still aiming to get it done. Thing is: At some time the folks of WordPress decided to come with Gutenberg, a new editor for WordPress and I was like: “Well, ok, great idea but what does that mean?” and at that time nobody really knew. So I stopped designing this thing. It’s still there but looks a bit outdated – as you would expect.

The theme I’m working on now is not aimed to be released. It will be used on my websity only. It’s very basic and doesn’t support everything included with WordPress because I simply don’t need it.

Ok, now let’s have a look at the single post view

Gwendolyn is only a codename so it’s easier to talk about it – it’s not the final name. And this is only the very first prototype. A lot of work needs to be done until the final version.

Nothing more to say for now. Maybe there’ll be some updates in the future.