The future of the X-Style

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Back in 2008 I created a style which has become the most downloaded style on Elevenfour in 2016 – the X-Style. Since 2008 this style has seen three redesigns. To be honest: I never expected that the style could be a success like this. So when announcing that I would design styles for WoltLab Suite the X-Style was set to be adapted for WoltLab Suite right from the beginning.

One of the main goals of the latest redesign (X-Style 4.1) was to modernize the style and make it more future prove. And if you look at the dark versions: the design looks great. But I’m not happy with the white versions.

The problem is: colors which work for dark versions of a style sometimes won’t work with a bright version.  And that’s why I decided that the X-Style will be split resulting in new names for the styles. If you have a look at Up Next you will see that the white version is called Vespasian and the dark version is called Flavius. The plan is to have 4 dark versions for Flavius and 3 white versions for Vespasian. The names are codenames (for now) and could change until the release of the new version.

I also thought of some new features for the style – but I still didn’t develop them for WoltLab Suite so maybe not everything I mention now could be implemented to the final version.

  • The first thing will be a custom header offering more information, similar to what I created for Magma, looking something like this
  • The second thing will be an area engaging your users to sign up or log in in the way I use it on Elevenfour

Regarding the colors: At least the white versions will see some tweaks. But overall there will be a blue and a green version. Same goes for the dark versions.

Hopefully I didn’t cause too much confusion. If you have any thoughts or questions on this please comment below or if you like to you can also open a thread in the Elevenfour forum. Please also drop me a comment if you should think that this was a bad idea.

Merry Christmas to you all.


First look at the footer of the new #style Vespasian Black for #WoltLabSuite. fka. X-Style #wip

— René (@eleven4rl) December 26, 2016

#Stilentwicklung #WoltLabSuite #WBB

— René (@eleven4rl) December 26, 2016