Styles for WoltLab Suite 3.0

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A few days ago WoltLab set WoltLab Suite 3.0, the successor of WoltLab Community Framework 2.1,  live on and people could test the new software online. Opinions differ with regard to the design. I’m not a big fan of it, too. But I know how to change the styles and here are some impressions of what I came up with.

Please note:

  • What I’m showning are ideas not finished styles. And it’s not clear if all styles get released.
  • I won’t release the developer versions
  • As always: There’s no schedule for releases

X-Style Black Blue

Let’s start with a style you may already know (since WBB 3.1)

Default Blue

A concept for a new style


I’m working on this one quite some time now on WBB 4.1. This is the idea how it could look in WBB 5.0. I’m aiming be to increase the readability significantly with this style.

That’s it for today. Got something to say? Let me know in the comments below. There’s also a discussion in the forum on Elevenfour.