iOS Weather App Concept

Reading Time: < 1 minute

When writing my “What’s up in 2016 and beyond” article back in January this year, I said there would be some design concepts which I would post to my portfolio. And the one that I said could be the first concept I’ll share with the internet, will be the first – a concept for a weather app for iOS (we don’t have enough weather apps!!!). ;)

I’ve spend the last few days thinking about the concept and today I have put some work on it (again) and the app concept has reached a state where I think it is worth sharing the draft. Since it is my first app concept it may not be perfect and for sure it won’t change the world – but I never intended it to do this.

So, what’s left to do is that I have to write down some words about the concept and then create a layout for my portfolio so I can present the concept in a suitable way. I have some ideas and hopefully it won’t take that long to code this so I can show you more in a short time. I’ll tweet about it when it’s done, so make sure you follow me and you won’t miss the tweet. ;)