Elevenfour: What’s up in 2016 and beyond?

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The first month of 2016 has almost passed by and I think it’s time to give a little outlook on what’s going to come for Elevenfour in 2016 and beyond. Why do I write beyond? Well, I don’t think that everything I write down in this article will be released or achieved in 2016. I know myself. ;)

Disclaimer: This is my first english article for a long time, so please be kind. :)

A little more internationalization

You can already see the first thing I’ve planned for 2016 when reading this article: Elevenfour will get more content in english, starting with this article. And from my experiences with D-Sign24 I know, that I will not be able to write every single article in english and german. That’s just too much time consuming and I don’t have that much time even if I wrote only german articles until now. So I think I’ll translate important content from german to english and vice versa but there will always be some articles only available either in German or in English. For the rest I think Google Translator gives a little help.

Some minor updates to Elevenfour

Elevenfour will get some minor updates this year. 2015 has again seen die some good projects of the WoltLab Community – CodeQuake, being one of the most well known, has stopped service for being sued. That again showed me, that my project(s) are vulnerable to some extent and this lead to the decision that parts of Elevenfour will move to other applications. At the end of 2015 I tested Version 2.1 of WoltLab’s Filebase and decided that I won’t use Infinite Filebase any longer for Elevenfour. WoltLab’s Filebase has it’s downsides one of them being the landing page which I think is rather creepy. But first of all people are used to the software since it powers WoltLab’s Pluginstore and second and most important for me: There’s an option to drop multi language content for just this application making it possible to create only one file and use a BBCode to translate the description of the file.

And then I decided to use the WoltLab Blog software for publishing articles. I really loved the news system of CodeQuake’s Fireball CMS though it always has been a little limited since it did only offer categories and tags to categorize content. Version 2.1 of WoltLab Blog introduced the option to create blogs that can be run by (multiple) users offering another option to categorize content. I think I won’t use the feature to add multiple users to blogs but it’s a cool feature to add a little more clearness to the article system. Here’s what I mean:

Blogs Elevenfour 2016

Hopefully these changes will also help to smoothen the upcoming upgrade to WCF 2.2 – whenever this will happen.

Ah, I almost forgot: There’s some cool application announced that I think I’d maybe use: EasyMedia. But it’s still under development so it’s too early to say if it’s going to find its way to Elevenfour.

Styles, we want styles

Well, yes, there will be new and updated styles. First of all I’m working on an update for the X-Style Family. The goal of the new version (2.2) is to get rid of some design decisions that caused trouble and to make it easier to customize the style. And maybe there’ll be a more open license to this style. But I’m not quite sure on that.

Speaking about the X-Style: There’ll be a new support page on Elevenfour that gives an Overview of important tutorials on the style – only in German at this very moment, it’s still “work in progress”.

X-Style Support Elevenfour

New styles to come

Who would have thought: There’ll also be some new styles for Burning Board 4.1 (WBB 4.1). I’ve thought of some pretty color combinations and we’ll see what the year brings… Well, they’re still secrets now. ;)

Metropolitan Blue (I don’t think this would be the final name) also got some work recently and should be released this year; though you should not take my word on that.

I decided that I won’t adapt “Celolinou” and “Nighttime” to WBB 4.1. From looking at the statistics of “BlueWhite” I don’t think that those styles would be used a lot.

What is “Camelot”?

I think most of you would answer “It’s King Arthur’s Castle.” and you’re right on that. But I chose this as the codename for my first WordPress Theme written from scratch. I started working on “Camelot” in November last year.

My new project – codename Camelot pic.twitter.com/QDPxLFzxyH

René (@eleven4rl) November 1, 2015

It’s in a very early state still and I’m only playing around with some design decisions finding a good way to make it come alive and I’m pretty sure it won’t happen this year since at this time there is no WordPress Code involved. It’s just some HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Design concepts?

Well, this could be another part of me in 2016. I’ve neglected my portfolio for some pretty long time now – shame on me – so it doesn’t really show my skills and I’m not even sure if it is helpful the way it is right now.

There are some things and ideas I’d like to share and I think the internet will see some of those ideas in 2016. And maybe we’re starting with this one (the app, not the phone ;) ), which is still work in progress.


So, I think that should be enough for now. As I mentioned above: I don’t think all of this will happen this year. Maybe I’ll take a look back in January 2017 and take some notes on the things that will still need to be done.

What about you? Any thoughts on this or maybe some things you’d like do this year? Let me know in the comments.