Status Update #9

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I’ve been working on some new styles for WoltLab Suite lately – not sure if any of them will ever see the light of a release day. But, I thought I’d share them with you anyway. Maybe someone wants me too finish these designs and release them some day.

Core Variations

At this time I’ve created two variations of WoltLab Suite’s default style “Core” – one in green, the other in purple. These aren’t in any way special – it’s just some changes to the color palette. The idea was that there might be people who don’t want anything too complicated and rather stick with some rather basic style so they won’t run into trouble when upgrading their system – but they wouldn’t want the blue version and have trouble doing it themselves in a good way…

Screenshot of the style Core Green
Core Green
Screenshot of the style Core Purple
Core Purple


This next style, “Saira”, is a little more complex compared to the Core styles. I’ve build it for the last two days – and it’s very much work in progress.