Status-Update #8 – Project Titan

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

After updating to WoltLab Suite 5.4 I had to change plans a little bit since the current style began to show its age. I would have had to make too many changes to templates. So I figured it would more sense to push the development of the new style since I’m already working on it. That does mean, that this project will split in two parts, at least. Part 1 will be the new design and part 2 will be the removal of Fireball CMS and replacement with my own work (most likely).

If you’ve visited Elevenfour’s main page recently then you might have seen, that the new style is currently available for testing. The good news so far: The style itself is almost completed. There are merely a few things left that won’t take up too long to fix.

A new navigation for Elevenfour?

What’s left to do is that I need to revisit most of the pages within Fireball CMS to make them work with the new style or rather feel more native the new design. That has already begun, too.

If everything works as planned than it might not be too long until everybody can see the new design.