Project Titan

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If you recently checked the Up Next page of this website you might have seen the name Project Titan. With this post I’m going to introduce you to the intentions of this project and talk about some of the ideas that I have with it.

First of all Project Titan is a redesign of Elevenfour and will be the fourth version of Elevenfour. But it doesn’t stop there. I’m also planning to renew and improve the tech that’s powering Elevenfour.

Removing Fireball CMS

For the most part that means I’m trying to remove Fireball CMS. And don’t get me wrong, I still love this thing. Mostly for it’s flexibility and power (which I barely use completely). But it’s aging quickly and with every new WoltLab Suite version I’m worrying that it might stop working. I originally planned to remove Fireball while upgrading to WoltLab Suite 5.3 but it was too much work to get it done in time. And it’s not even sure if I can make in time for WoltLab Suite 5.4. I guess it’s rather a “no” again.

If I had the coding skills to work on Fireball CMS I would most likely try to improve it, since it’s Open Source but sadly that’s way beyond what I can achieve now and the near future. So my plan is to use WoltLab Suite Core’s CMS and try to work around its limitations. Another part will be a small plugin that I’m planning to build myself. From building WoltHub I now know that I can create something that fits my needs without it being too complex.

Extending the Article System

WoltLab Suite’s article sytem will be extended by a plugin that calculates and displays an estimated reading time (by Krymo Software), one that allows to define featured articles (by cls-design) and last but not least one that I’ve build myself (inspired by Justin Tadlock – only he talked about WordPress) which will allow to hide the article image per article on the article single page so it would only be displayed in list views. This plugin is almost completely finished. The only thing that’s still missing are language variables.

The New Design

For the most part the design will be renewed but not that much different. If you’ve seen the latest redesign of Elevenfour’s download section some weeks ago, you’ve already seen some of the ideas of the new design – only I will take it a step further. The overall color scheme will not drastically change. You’ll still be able to tell if it’s Elevenfour or not.

Below I’ll share a design idea for the article section I’ve had just recently. Although I’m not sure if that will stay.

A full width section breaking out of the new article design

And then there will be one thing in the header that people who remember version 2 of Elevenfour might be familiar with. But I guess I’ll have to leave now. 😉

See you next time.