Thank You (ed. 2020)

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2020 – the year that in so many ways went different than anyone was expecting. Now 2020 has come to an end – a lot of people around the world might say finally. And I wish a lot of people would have done things differently – that would have saved many people’s lifes.

For me, personally, 2020 was a tough year in some way, too. But I’ve also learned a lot. Before 2020 I’ve always wondered if I could work from home and always have the motivation to get going and move forward. Now I know: Yes, I can – and it’s even better for me. But remember – that’s for me. If it’s not ok for you, then that’s perfectly fine. Everyone is and feels different. And that’s a good thing.

Not sure who needs to read this, but as you sit there scrolling after a dumpster fire of a year, looking at everyone’s list of accomplishments, and their best performing posts from 2020, don’t forget that social media is a HIGHLIGHT REEL! This year was fucking hard.

@beckiandchris, 2020-12-31 on twitter

And technically blogs – like this one – are social media, too. And now I have swear words on my site. Thanks, Becki 😁

Let’s Take A Look At My Goals For 2020

But first: Thank you for being around, reading, sharing and making Elevenfour possible.

I guess there’s no way to skip that next part, huh?

More Articles on Elevenfour

Yes, I’ve done that. I’ve written some articles for Elevenfour’s main site, there’s now a documentation for Elevenfour’s styles and plugins and I’ve started a side project for Elevenfour (more on that later). ✅

More Videos

Sorry, not a single one. I didn’t even work on one this year. 🚫

Upgrade to WoltLab Suite 5.2

Again a success. In fact, I’ve just recently upgraded everything to WoltLab Suite 5.3. ✅

Finish the Yosmite Theme

Erm, nope, sorry. 🚫
The thing is that I’ve decided to go with Full Site Editing and that feature isn’t where I want (and maybe even need) it to be. But I’m looking into it – that’s one of those things I’ve learned in 2020 and most likely will be learning in 2021.

Rethink the forum structure

Yes, that’s been done just recently, too. I’m still evaluating if it was the right thing to do. ✅
For those of you who want to know more: Previously I’ve had one forum for style support and one for plugin support. Now they are merged and everything older than WoltLab Suite 3.1 has been moved to an archive – which wasn’t there before and is in “read only” mode.

Release 1 new style and 1 new plugin for WoltLab Suite

And again that happened, too. Although the plugin didn’t take that much effort from me but still it’s a plugin and a few people found it helpfull. Regarding styles: I’ve managed to release two of them. ✅

2020 In Review

I’ve decided that I’ll change this a little this year and give you glimpse at a chart that shows the downloads compared for every version of WoltLab Suite which might be of interest for some of you. Please note, I don’t show the exact numbers on purpose.