English content on Elevenfour

From today Elevenfour provides german and english content using the built in multilingualism feature of WCF. As you may have seen in the days past I started translating some parts of the content from German to English. As this for sure will take some time to finish I suggest you to choose displaying german and english content. To do this, click on your Avatar in the top left corner of this page and select Settings General - this would only work if you're logged in to Elevenfour. Search for Multilingualism on the next page and select Deutsch (German) and English so all content will be displayed and you have the chance to use a service like Google translator or similar.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-08 um 17.59.50.png

Which Content will be translated?

I've planned to translate all entries of the filebase and the most important and relevant articles of the Journal. So all tutorials for WCF 2.x will be translated time after time. Some pages of Elevenfour (e.g. the landing page) have been translated already the rest will follow soon. Forum posts will not be translated. If there are solutions for common problems I will find a way to translate these posts. Regarding the videos of the media center: Maybe I'll use the YouTube feature to create subtitles but I'm not sure if and when.

If you should have questions, suggestions or anything else please let me know in the comments below.