Which styles by Elevenfour do you want to use with WCF 2.2?

At the beginning of October 2015 WoltLab published the first outlook on WCF 2.2. The biggest new feature appears to be the integration of the CMS to the framework. Concerning compatibility it is known that styles published for WCF 2.0 and 2.1 will not work with WCF 2.2. That makes it necessary to develop every style new. WoltLab scheduled the estimated release to take place in the second half of 2016.

For some time now there arise a lot questions concerning the adaption of styles for WCF 2.2. On the one hand it is understandable for personal planning on the other hand it is way too early to say anything for sure. Since WCF 2.2 is still under development it is not possible to develop styles for this version. As I said in the Elevenfour forum: I’m planning to develop styles for WCF 2.2 as long as my priorities won’t change fundamentally.

Based on the statistics of Elevenfour (and before D-Sign24) I realized that the adaption of most styles isn’t that much desired by users. Overlooking the statistics it seems that new styles are more in demand apart from some all time favorites. And since I’m thinking about WCF 2.2 I came up with the following question: Which styles by Elevenfour do you, as an administrator of a WCF driven community, want to use with WCF 2.2?

To be clear: The list in the poll linked below is not binding and doesn’t mean anything. For me it’s important to gather some feedback of the users from my styles. If I’d develop styles for WCF 2.2 then the X-Style is set for sure, since there is some demand for it. The other styles are selected based on statistics. If there should be enough demand (in the comments below or in the forum on Elevenfour) I would extend the poll.

If you like you can vote for every style but please be sure to only vote for the styles that you would use when upgrading to WCF 2.2.

You’ll find the poll over at Polldaddy: http://poll.fm/5ktmi