Elevenfour and WoltLab Suite 6.0

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What's new in WoltLab Suite 6.0

Let's begin with the three most obvious changes. WoltLab Suite gets a new editor: CKEditor 5. If that sounds somehow familiar: An earlier version of that same editor was a part of WoltLab Community Framework 2.0. The icon set also got an update: It's now Font Awesome 6, previously it was Font Awesome 4. And last but not least: We now have dark mode support. In the ACP as well as for the frontend - the latter needs to be supported by the style you are using.

There are also some changes that you might not see at first sight. Some of the templates have been reworked and WoltLab now uses CSS custom properties (a.k.a. CSS Variables) instead of SCSS variables. These two things make styles from older versions incompatible with WoltLab Suite 6.0 - for the most part. If a style was a color platte only it might still work only need a few tweaks.

Plans For Elevenfour's Styles & Plugins

I've already been testing a few things here and there and I've also thought about some things that might need to change. The following list a first idea for now and subject to change - so please make sure to check back every now and then.

The package server for 6.0 is already set up and the first beta version of the Atelier style is waiting for you.

Will be available for WS 6.0

  • Atelier - gets a dark mode and is already available as a beta version
  • Pria - will get a dark mode
  • Horizon - Blue Sunrise will be the light color scheme and Space Black will be the dark color scheme. The rest will be gone.
  • Nano - one color scheme only
  • Clay - will be a mostly different style so it has light and dark mode - might be available with a significant delay
  • Elevenfour Packageserver - is already available as a beta
  • Drop Cap BBCode - that is planned but I need to take a look at how BBCodes work in 6.0. So, I could still decide to not make it compatible.
  • Language Package for Styles - although I might change how that works

Not planned for WS 6.0

  • Dark Mode - since that is obsolete. But I might build something off of this.
  • Bootstrap Icons for WoltLab Suite - since that is not the best way how to integrate the icons. It's just gotten too heavy on page load.
  • Core (the basic color palette styles) - feels as if nobody needs these.

Still undecided for WS 6.0

  • Radiance - I don't know what to do with these and if someone really needs these. If I'd make Radiance compatible then it would most likely only be one variant
  • Dark Core - just like the Dark Mode it might be obsolete. Does anyone want to still have it?
  • Meero

Let me know about your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to share a link to the article.

If you want to test the beta version of Atelier: Download and install the Packageserver plugin first and then from your ACP search for Atelier to install the package. You'll need at least WS 6.0 Beta 1.

And as always: If you have been, thank you for reading.