Support Guidelines Updated

As previously announced back at the end of 2022 I've updated Elevenfour's Support Guidelines as of today.

What changed

As of today Elevenfour will only support the latest stable branch of WoltLab Suite. At the time of writing this article this means WoltLab Suite 5.5.

Support for older WoltLab Suite versions drops two months after I've updated all plugins and styles to be compatible with the new WoltLab Suite version. This doesn't mean that I'll update every plugin and style that was available for the last version.

To give you an example: The last product that I updated for WoltLab Suite 5.5 was Flavius and was released on 2022-06-29. This would mean that support WoltLab Suite 5.4 would have ended on 2022-08-28 (last day of support).

It is recommended that you install every update for your version in time - even if you don't plan to upgrade to the next stable WoltLab Suite within those two months.

If you're skipping a version - say you're on 5.4, skip 5.5 and want to upgrade to 6.0 and my style or plugin could only upgrade from 5.5 - then it might be the best solution to uninstall the style/plugin first. After the upgrade succeeded you would then reinstall the style/plugin.