Thank You (ed. 2022)

Another year has gone by I want to say thank you to everyone who came to Elevenfour to read an article, asked for support, used a style or plugin or spread the word about Elevenfour. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. 🙏 Now let's begin by

Reviewing my Intentions for 2022

Move Elevenfour’s WordPress installation to a new domain

Let's begin with someone that didn't work out as planned. I still didn't move 100% to the new domain which is why it's still hidden. I think the reason is that too much under things needed my intention. So, I guess that's a no. Glad it was an intention and not a goal. ⬇️

Rethink the way Elevenfour's styles are build

I did that. And the new idea would make sense. ✅

But then I looked at how WoltLab Suite 5.5 is build (that comes with it's own issues), WoltLab announced WoltLab Suite 6.0 and I needed a new package server so I didn't move to action. Parts of the idea will help evolve the tech that's running Elevenfour. I'm really excited to build this. I just need time. Please!

New Articles for Elevenfour

I'm glad that I didn't put number on it. I didn't write as much as would have liked to do, but I did. ✅

Rebuild Elevenfour's tech stack before upgrading

Yes, that happened. Not as much as originally intended, though.

Complete the Photostories website

No, didn't happen. ⬇️

Since I left Instagram that wasn't really all that neccessary anymore. ➡️

If you want to, you can now find me on Pixelfed.

2022 in Review

2022 has been a year with some ups and downs. We've seen some developers stopping their services for WoltLab Suite. One even had an effect on Elevenfour. Which meant we didn't have a package server for a few weeks close to the end of 2022.

For me personally it has been a busy year and although I'm on vacation I still haven't fully recovered. But on the good side: I was able to change my job without changing my employer. I hope this brings the change which I need. The first month was very promissing.

Download Statistics

The most downloaded product on Elevenfour for WoltLab Suite 3.x/5.x is now Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP, followed by Flavius and Clay.

The ranking of styles by download for WoltLab Suite 5.5 goes like this (first is most downloaded): Dark Core, Radiance (these two have identical download numbers at the moment), Horizon, Atelier, Clay, Pria, Core, Flavius, Meero, Nano.

Since it's almost a tradition now here is the chart that's visualising the downloads for Elevenfour's downloads. As always the numbers are missing on purpose.

WS 1.1 tops all versions, WS 2.0 is a quarter of WS 1.1. WS 2.1 almost half of WS 1.1, WS 3.0 is a little more than a third of WS 1.1. WS 5.2 has 20% of WS 1.1. WS 5.3 has 10% of WS 1.1,  WS 5.4 doubles the downloads of WS 5.3 and surpasses those of WS 3. Chart showing the ups & downs of downloads on Elevenfour

The combined downloads of all 5.x versions have now significantly surpased those of WoltLab Suite 3.1. Looking at the numbers: The downloads for WoltLab Suite 5.5 are almost only a third of what it has been with WoltLab Suite 5.4. Sure, the products for 5.4 have been available for a longer period that those for 5.5. But still: I do now better understand why WoltLab wanted to change their licensing model.

Intentions for 2023

  • Make the Documentation available in German.
  • See which articles from the Documentation need to be reworked and rework if required.
  • Write some new articles for Elevenfour.
  • Optional: Release 1 new style for WoltLab Suite.
  • Left Over from 2022: Move Elevenfour’s WordPress installation to a new domain + finish the Photostories Website.
  • Optional: Find a solution for the Shop/ package server problem. (Might not be possible the way I would need it.)

And that's a wrap for this article. Again a huge thank you to everyone who in some way interacted with Elevenfour or influenced the growth of Elevenfour. If you’d like to share your thoughts you can do so in the comments section somewhere below the like button. If you'd like to, you can also leave a comment on Mastodon, And if you have been: Thank your for reading and have a fanstastic new year. 🎆