The Future of WoltLab Suite at Elevenfour

Back in July of this year I wrote that I would maybe have to shut down Elevenfour's package server since the developer of this software decided to shut down his project and it wasn't clear if there would be a sustainable solution or replacement.

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WoltLab Suite 5.5 And Beyond

This article is meant as notice ahead of time. There's still a question from me left open at

The sad new is: There is no sustainable solution - unless I would buy the VieCode Shop which doesn't make sense financially since I don't sell my styles and plugins.

That means that I will remove Elevenfour's package servers early November 2022. So if you need to update your WoltLab Suite and want to use some of Elevenfour's styles or plugins make sure you've done this by the end of October 2022. I will delete everything, there are no second chances. Support for all products for WoltLab Suite will end by the end of 2022. From next year on the support threads for WoltLab Suite will be read only.

Elevenfour's styles and plugins will not change to another developer. Unless the styles or plugins are open source you are not allowed to redistribute them.

For those users who have access to Elevenfour's ticket sytem (private forum): You will get support for the styles and/or plugins you're using for WoltLab Suite 5.5 until WoltLab Suite 6.0 will be released.

Change of Focus for Elevenfour

Elevenfour will change its focus to web design in general and provide some tutorials and insights at what you can do with WoltLab Suite and how you could achieve those things. Some of these do already exist on Elevenfour but I think that this could be more and more indepth. But as always: I don't have any concrete plans or timelines. So don't ask me, I know nothing.

Meme of Sgt. Schulz from Hogan's Heroes saying I know Nothing

Another focus might be on WordPress - themes and smaller plugins (block styles etc.). I'm already working on a few things. But I'm not yet sure if and how I will do that.

What about WoltHub?

WoltHub - which is a part of Elevenfour - will still be around to keep you up to date with updates from third party developers and links to tutorials.

Thank You

At the end all that's left to say is: Thank You! To everyone who spread the word about Elevenfour and/ or helped improve my styles and plugins over time with their feedback. I can't stress enough how helpful this is.

It's a little bit sad to let things go. But sometimes change leads to improvement. Let's see what the future brings. I'm still around here.