Flavius 5.5.0

When I was testing the upgrade from WoltLab Suite 5.4 to 5.5 with Flavius installed I quickly realised that I was running into an issue during the upgrade that would crash the upgrade process. That came a bit unexpected but I was sure I could work around that. Several test later I can tell you: There's no easy way around it. The only option is to uninstall the style and its Companion, sadly.

Extra Steps to Upgrade Flavius

  • First of all, please create a backup of all the customizations you made to Flavius, if any.
  • Uninstall all variants of Flavius that you have installed
  • Uninstall Flavius Companion
  • You can keep the packages Style Companion and Elevenfour Language Pack, these can be upgraded via Package Server
  • Proceed according to the upgrade guide
  • Install any variants of Flavius 5.5 that you might want to use

What Has Changed in Flavius 5.5.0

  • design for userMenu
  • removed support for Internet Explorer
  • new design for filebase file cards
  • new pageHeader design for mobile devices
  • reduced blur amount on pageHeader
  • updated templates:
    • membersList
    • pageHeader
  • and some minor things

Please be aware that this is the last major version of Flavius. WoltLab Suite 5.6 or 6.0 (whatever it may be) will not be supported.

If you have any questions about this release plase feel free to ask them in the forum.