WoltLab Suite 5.5 And Beyond

Before we take a look at the future it might be good to have a look at the things that are available for WoltLab Suite 5.5 - created by Elevenfour, for obvious reasons.


First of all: Please do not use 5.4 versions with WoltLab Suite 5.5 - these styles are incompatible and will cause errors.


  • Makani

Updated Version For 5.5 Available

  • Clay
  • Dark Core
  • Horizon
  • Pria
  • Nano
  • Meero
  • Radiance
  • Atelier

The update for Flavius will arrive later since I ran into unexpected issues while testing the update.


Updated Version For 5.5 Available

  • Elevenfour Language Packages for Styles
  • Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP
  • Bootstrap Icons for WoltLab Suite
  • Drop Cap BBCode

How To Upgrade

If you need information on how to upgrade to WoltLab Suite 5.5 I've written a little tutorial which you can read on Elevenfour's Documentation: Upgrading WoltLab Suite 5.4 to 5.5. If you're upgrading from WoltLab Suite 5.3 you first need to upgrade to 5.4 and then to 5.5.

Please remember: Elevenfour's styles & plugins are not suitable for WoltLab Cloud. And before you do anything: Backup your stuff.

End of Life WoltLab Suite 5.3 Products

The release of WoltLab Suite 5.5 marks the end of life and support for Elevenfour's styles and plugins for WoltLab Suite 5.3. Support ends today. The package server will be available for a few days before it gets deleted.

Beyond WoltLab Suite 5.5

First of all: I would love to support WoltLab Suite 5.6 or whatever the next iteration of WoltLab Suite might be called. But that might not be possible in the way that I've done that in the past. As you may have heard some developers discontinued their projects. And that includes MysteryCode who build the package server which is more or less the core plugin of this website. So the package server might be dead/ unsupported which might cause trouble in the near future. I might be able to fix some minor problems with it but after all: This is a bit too risky since I'm rather a designer not a developer.

You may have also heard that he is now a member of the SoftCreatR.dev team which might give some hope that the package server might live on. But there's no final word on that yet.

To be clear: I'm absolutely fine with the decisions these developers made. That's their right to do so and in some cases I do understand the reasoning behind all that.

So, if all goes wrong and the package server will not receive updates I will delete the package server early November 2022. This would then also be the date at which support for WoltLab Suite 5.4 and 5.5 will end prematurely. I would keep the documentation and support threads in archive mode at least until the end of 2022. I would also try to find a way to keep support alive for the 2 or 3 huge communities who use some of my styles for their community.

The project Elevenfour will not end in that case. There would only be a change of focus. But more on that if that would have to happen.

I wish I could tell you more but that's all I know at the moment.