Thank You (ed. 2019)

The Goals I've had for 2019

There was one goal which I didn't mention in last year's post: Take more quality time for myself. And I did that. So, I can leave the check here ✅ For me 2019 was a good year: I've attended my first WordCamp (Word Camp Europe in Berlin, almost just around the corner from where I live), I visited two concerts, I travelled to Rome and I learned a lot from creators like Sean Tucker, Peter McKinnon, Becki & Chris, iJustine and Alex Böhm. Thank you to all of you (though I guess you won't read this).

WordPress Themes

The plan was to have 2 themes ready to power Elevenfour's WordPress sites: Gwendolyn (now called Photogram) and Yosemite. While Yosemite is still in the making Photogram went live. So I guess that means it's neutral here ➡️

New Design for Elevenfour

This one went well. The new dark design went live in April and guess a lot of you liked the new design. In case you'd like to read about the new design and missed the post from back then, here you go: Elevenfour Got A Little Redesign. ✅


Glad I said that I won't put pressure on it. When I said that this might be a goal I already knew that I might ran into trouble. Because of time issues and thing I would need to learn to improve. The videos I had planned are still in the making. Most of it is recoded. What's missing is the voice over, music and the final editing of the videos. And since I've worked and learned a lot for these videos, it's only fair to say it's neutral here, too. ➡️

Plugins for WoltLab Suite

➡️ I didn't release the plugins I originally intended to, because I ran into unexpected technical issues which I didn't want to investigate on, so these two plugins failed. But there was another plugin released, that was pretty well received by some parts of the community: The Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP.

Styles for WoltLab Suite

As I said this would not be a goal for 2019, but I still managed to release two new styles for WoltLab Suite. I also managed to remove the exclusion of WoltLab Suite 5.2 last night so you could upgrade if you wished so. ✅

2019 in review

The most downloaded style on Elevenfour is (again) Flavius, the most downloaded plugin is Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP.

And if I look back now: I wish I did have the time to add a little bit more content to Elevenfour. Well, maybe this year.

The Goals for 2020

  • Add a little bit more content to Elevenfour (articles and video)
  • Upgrade to WoltLab Suite 5.2
  • Finish the Yosemite Theme for Elevenfour
  • Rethink the forum structure of Elevenfour a little bit - not too much, most of it is still fine
  • Release 1 new style and 1 new plugin for WoltLab Suite

As always, If you made this far and if you have been: Thank you for reading. I'm wishing you all the best for 2020. Have a fanastic new year 🎆 and remember: These are the new 20s so make the best out of it.