Thank you (ed. 2016)

When writing Elevenfour: What’s up in 2016 and beyond? at the beginning of 2016 i already had in mind that that I would write an article looking back at what happend on Elevenfour in 2016. And maybe this could be the beginning of a series for the years to come.

So I think the best way to start would be a look at the statistics but only those Piwik gives. So they're neither complete nor representative (because only visitors who didn't enable "Do not track" are shown) but I think those numbers give a glimpse at what happened.

Description Value 2016 Value 2015 (Trend)
Desktop users 86.8 % ⬆️ (2015: 83.9 %)
Most used OS Windows 10 – 61.1 % Windows 7 – 31.4 %
Most used mobile OS iOS – 8.4 % Android – 11.5 %
Most used Hardware Brand Apple – 8.4 % Sony – 7.7 %
Most used Browser Chrome – 37.0 % Chrome – 49.5 %
Visitors from search engines 24.3 % 14.3 %
Visitors from Twitter 3.9 % 9.0 %
WBB community site
that brought the most
visitors to Elevenfour
WoltLab Community – 4.8 % WCFInfo – 5.1 %

Visitors: 200.1 % compared to 2015 which is 🔥 - remember: Elevenfour started in March 2015.
The file with the most downloads is the X-Style for WBB 4.1 with 146 downloads.

Quite impressing: So Thank You 🙏 to everyone who visited Elevenfour and helped the project grow, gave feedback and spread the word.

Let's take a look at the goals I had for 2016 regarding Elevenfour.

  • Internationalization
    This is still work in progress. Starting with the first article here in 2016 all articles posted to the Labs are now in English. In August 2016 I activated the multilingualism feature of WCF on the main page of Elevenfour making it possible to translate the downloads and some tutorials.There is still a lot to do but I achieved everything I wanted to by now.
  • Minor updates to Elevenfour
    By that I meant the switch to WoltLab Blog, Easy Media, WoltLab Filebase and the installation of MysteryCode's Package server. These tasks are completed by 100% including some minor design updates.
  • New styles for WBB
    Well, um, can we please skip this point?
    2016 has seen 3 (yes, three) complete new styles and the renewal of the X-Style made by myself, two of them for the new WoltLab Suite (which will come with WBB 5.0). So I totally fucked this up. It's not that I didn't work on new styles but I didn't finish them.
    A lot of this happened because I wasn't happy at work - and I've never been this unhappy before at work. That's not to say sorry but maybe to explain why it happened (or didn't happen). The good news is: I have a new job since Dec 12 2016 and I think this could change my mood (because it already did). Now I only need to find time.
  • Design concepts
    The first concept was finished and I'm working on a second one (which will take a lot of time). More on that later in 2017 (maybe).
  • Camelot
    The WordPress Theme. Progress moved from 0 % in the platform to 2 %. Parts of the design ideas are spread on Elevenfour and I made a first attempt to use it within WordPress.

So 2016 has been a good year for Elevenfour itself but not the best year for new styles by Elevenfour. I think if I'm more comfortable with what I do then 2017 could be a better year.

Goals for 2017

  • New styles
    This is the most obvious thing since 2016 hasn't seen enough new styles. Most styles will be released for WoltLab Suite 3.0.
  • Upgrade Elevenfour to WoltLab Suite 3.0
    This could take some time. Since I need to rewrite the style Elevenfour uses. The design itself would stay the same but could most likely get some tweaks here and there. Again: there is no schedule since I don't know when which software Elevenfour uses will be released for WoltLab Suite 3.0.
  • More content in english

And that's it. I will also work on Camelot and my design concepts but none them are set for 2017.
Again: Thank you to everyone. Have great 2017. 🎆
If you like to please let me know what you think and spread the word about Elevenfour.