Atelier - A New Style for WoltLab Suite 5.4

Since WoltLab released the newly available style Atelier by Elevenfour yesterday in the evening, I'm also releasing it here on Elevenfour. Atelier is the first style by Elevenfour that's available in a pure light version only - since what feels like ages. As I've mentioned before this style is available from WoltLab's Pluginstore and it's also compatible with WoltLab Cloud.

Preview Screenshot of Atelier on a car display and a smartphone

The focus of this style was to bring a creative flair to WoltLab Suite while not getting to much attention from the user. As you can see from the screenshots above categories and sidebar titles change their colors. Atelier also uses a little more rounded corners than WoltLab Suite does out of the box.

You can get Atelier either from WoltLab's Pluginstore Server or you can use Elevenfour's Package Server - as you wish. More information can be found here: Atelier - A bright, colorful style for WoltLab Suite 5.4.

Do you need support for this style? Please open a new thread in Elevenfour's support forum.