Bootstrap Icons for WoltLab Suite

Yesterday I've released the first plugin of "Bootstrap Icons for WoltLab Suite" which - you might have guessed it from the name - brings Bootstrap Icons to WoltLab Suite. One important thing to note: The plugin does not replace WoltLab Suite's icon set Font Awesome. The purpose is to have an additional icon set which you can use throughout WoltLab Suite to enhance your content - you need to be able to write HTML or template code.

Since the icon set is still an Alpha version I've decided that the plugin will be Alpha, too - although the package is considered to be stable. That means you'll need to use the unstable packageserver and it's propably not save to use the icons in production since it's not clear if there might be breaking changes to the icon set by the Bootstrap Icons.

For more information please read the information on the Boostrap Icons download page on Elevenfour.

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