Flavius 5.2.0 is here

Earlier this year Elevenfour released Flavius 3.1.5 that enabled the upgrade to WoltLab Suite 5.2 - but it only ran in compatiblity mode. This new release now is fully compatible with WoltLab Suite 5.2. The new version includes some bug fixes and comes with some new features - there's also a brand new color: Flavius White.

  • optimized image file size of background images and logos
  • new Feature: style options
  • new styles for message sidebar and members list (both optional)
  • removed code for menu icons
  • new optional font stack, unset Google Fonts variable (might not work on update, so you better check)
  • removed styles for different board icons

This is just a short list, for a detailed list, please consult the Changelog for Flavius 5.2.0. From version 5.2.0 on Flavius is released under the Elevenfour License 2.0 - which grants more customization than before.

The style is available from our Package server right from your ACP. You'll get more information about the style if you visit Flavius' landing page.