New Style: Horizon

On 2020-05-15 I released a new style: Horizon. The style comes with 4 color variants: Black, blue, green and red. At some point later there’ll be a 5 fifth color variant available from WoltLab’s Pluginstore.

The style is inspired from WoltLab’s Blue Sunrise style family which was available with Burning Board 3 resp. WoltLab Community Framework 1. For more information please read Horizon’s landing page.

Horizon is also the first to be presented on the renewed landing page design for styles and plugins. The new Elevenfour landing pages remove some distractions and focus only on options that could be of interest on that site - so there are only links to download, support and changelog. At the end of the page you'll find a link to more styles.

The overall performance of the landing page has been improved compared to the old version. And it‘s now possible to read the changelog on mobile devices since the changelog will no longer be a dialog overlay.

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