Closed Beta: Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP

The plugin »Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP« brings a dark design to the Administration Control Panel (ACP) of your WoltLab Suite installation. This plugin might slow down the performance of your ACP a little bit since it rewrites all colors - even if it's compressed. There's also an option to deactivate the Dark Mode. The plugin has no effect on the front end of WoltLab Suite.

The colors are based on the style »Dark Core« by Elevenfour which comes as an optional package. So if you want your front end to use the same colors you should install this style, too. Both (Dark Mode and Dark Core) are licensed LGPL V3.

How To Get It

»Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP« is in closed Beta now. If you want to test it out you have to be a member of Elevenfour. If you've already signed up, ask for becoming a member of the user group »Beta Tester«.


  • As mentioned above: You need an account on Elevenfour. You can easily delete it later if you don't want an account anymore.
  • You need to be able to connect to Elevenfour's package server.
  • You need a test environment of your WoltLab Suite installation. You must not run this in a production installation.
  • You need to be known for providing valuable feedback (it's up to you to prove this - if I'm not convinced you won't become a tester)
  • You should also know how to fix minor technical issues yourself Again: You must not run this in a production installation.

If you don't meet the requirements mentioned above you might want to wait until the plugin is finalized. It's just not ready for prime time yet.


So, if you like to use this plugin when it's finalized: Share the news, retweet, hit the like button and do all the things other creators harass you to do.

Thanks a lot.

This article appeared first on Elevenfour.