Caliburn Dark - new Style for WoltLab Suite 3.1

The improvements compared to Caliburn are:

  • improved accessibility - the new color scheme was tested against WCAG 2.1and passed with AAA, et al.
  • several smaller bugs fixed and diverse kleinere Fehlerhebungen and corrections in design
  • dropped usage of Google Webfonts; like Makani the style uses a system font stack

As with most styles by Elevenfour - the font size is truly reponsive since it adapts to changes of Browser's default font size.

You'll get more information on this style if you visit the download page of Caliburn. You get the style via Elevenfour's package server directly from your ACP.

From now on the lighter version of Caliburn is no longer supported and cannot be downloaded anymore.

preview of Caliburn on a notebook