Elevenfour Got A Little Redesign

As you already might have seen: Elevenfour got a little redesign. The design philosophy ist still the same as before but Elevenfour switched to a dark theme and I tweaked some things under the hood. I also added some fresh touches here and there. And if you know some tricks in CSS you might also see where some inspiration for this design came from.

As with the previous version one goal of the design was to show that you can customize the look of WoltLab Suite and what's possible. It doesn't have to look like an ugly flat box system as some hater users like to tell people. You just have to have an idea and you should know how to translate it to a design. But still, this is not the end of what you can do if you know how to (or know someone who does and convince them to work for you).

Some of the changes in Version 3


The most obvious change is the design since it's now a dark color scheme. Elevenfour's identity colors blue, green and purple are still the same - though you'll now see more green than blue.

If you're using a browser that's running on the Blink Engine (e.g. Chrome, Vivaldi or Edge Insider) or Safari you might have noticed that things get a bit blurry here and there - which is intended. The "Elevenfour Gradient" is much more prominent than before - where supported it even is part of the scrollbar. The colored icons now use the Elevenfour color scheme - made possible with Iconfu. In some places I changed the Font Awesome icons to Font Awesome Pro 5 (FA Pro 5). In the future I might replace all icons with FA Pro 5. And last but not least: I also tried to bring a bit more accessibility to Elevenfour. It's not yet in a state I would call good - but it's better than before.


Easy Media was removed from Elevenfour. Not because I thought it has any flaws or so - I just didn't need it as much as I thought when I started using it. And probably never will. The images from the gallery are almost completely deleted. Some of them were added to the Media Library others will soon be found in other places. so stay tuned for updates on this. ;)

Since the videos always had their place on YouTube I created an overview page linking to the videos. And for GDPR reasons I do not load them.

There's a new section called Tools & Resources. If you're interested to know what I use an why you might want to have a look there. It's not yet completed, so be sure to check back for updates.

I changed a few things more and some things might be changed or added in the near future - so why not take a look around the site?

Some things might still be a little bit bugy and I try my best to tackle all these bugs. If you have any suggestions please let me know - either in the comments or even better in the feedback forum.

As always: thanks for being here. :thumbup: