About Elevenfour

Berlin U-Bahn train type IK at station Rotes Rathaus

The original idea of this website was to have a place where I can offer my styles and plugins for WoltLab Suite, offer support and talk about Design, community building, technology, Berlin and what I like to do. Over time Elevenfour grew and evolved more into some kind of network. Which makes it a little easier to have different topics on the same platform but still making it easy for people to only have those types of content which they came for. I still don't know if that's the best way to do it. Anyway - let's take a look at what Elevenfour has to offer.

The Elevenfour Network


Elevenfour offers free styles & plugins for WoltLab Suite. Furthermore there are some tutorials around web development - both articles and videos.

Elevenfour Labs

If you would like to learn more about the current development going on than just head over to Elevenfour Labs. Where I write at irregular intervals about the development of new new styles, plugins and insider info on Elevenfour.


WoltHub is a hand curated platform that shares news, articles and tutorials from different developers and designers who are working with WoltLab Suite. Our mission is to help you to find interessting topics, tools and designs to build your WoltLab Suite website.


Photostories is the place where you can find all the photos that I've published on Instagram (at least that's the plan) and the story behind these photos.

Renés Blog

When Google+ was shut down I thought I might need a place where I could store the things I would have posted there, because it was too long for Twitter but too random to post it to Elevenfour. And so this is that. Nothing that would change the world.

Social Media

YouTube, @elevenfour


Mastodon, @elevenfour@mstdn.social

Main Mastodon feed, incl. releases, updates and future plans

Pixelfed, @elevenfour@pixelfed.social


Letterboxd, @eleven4rl

Movie diary and some reviews