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Elevenfour offers free WBB styles and WBB plugins (including support). Furthermore there are some tutorials around web development - both articles and videos.

If you would like to learn more about Elevenfour, take a look at the page About Elevenfour. You will find information about the current development at Elevenfour Labs - recent short infos are available at my Twitter channel.

Have fun discovering this website.
René Leege

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»Ich bin hin und weg von dem Stil. Du hast da echt wunderbare Arbeit geleistet und sehr nette Kleinigkeiten eingebaut bei denen ich erst mal staunen musste. … Man merkt an der Stilgruppe dass da sehr viel Liebe zur Arbeit drin steckt.«

RayAlpha, Administrator GTA-Talk.de, über X-Style

Flexible. Compatible.

Today a good look alone is not enough in the web. That's why the WBB styles by Elevenfour offer the perfect combination of form, color and function for a great user experience.

I adhere to web design and development specifications so all my WBB styles and WBB plugins are always usable no matter if on the computer at home or mobile.