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Styles for WoltLab Suite™

A good look alone is not enough in the web. That's why the WoltLab Suite™ styles by Elevenfour offer the perfect combination of form, color and function for a great user experience.

I adhere to web design and development specifications so all my WoltLab Suite™ styles are always usable no matter if viewed on the computer at home or mobile.

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Plugins for WoltLab Suite™

Elevenfour's plugins have the goal to make your content stand out. If it's a BBCode for WoltLab Suite™ to highlight your Pullquotes or one to mark your most important thoughts in your article - you'll find it here at Elevenfour.

The plugins are Open Source Software and are compatible with your WoltLab Suite™.

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Recent Articles

The well received Dark Mode for WoltLab Suite ACP was updated to version 3.1.4 resp. 5.2.1 today.
Yesterday WoltLab released the first Release Candidate of WoltLab Suite 5.3 so it's that time of the year which has us taking a look at our styles and plugins and if they would work with the new WoltLab Suite version.

How to Shrink the userPanel Dropdowns

If you've installed some plugins that extend the Dropdowns of WoltLab Suite, you might want to shrink them down a little bit.
Bootstrap Icons are designed to work with the Bootstrap Framework - but you can use them outside of that, too. So, I thought I'd bring them to WoltLab Suite.

What Users Say

»I am absolutely blown away by [Flavius]. You've done really wonderful work and added very nice little details that left me amazed. … You can tel tell from this style group that there's a lot of love for the work in it.«

RayAlpha, administrator on GTA-Talk.de, about Flavius (formerly X-Style)

About the project


Elevenfour offers free styles & plugins for WoltLab Suite. Furthermore there are some tutorials around web development - both articles and videos.

The website is operated and was founded by René Leege in 2015, after shutting down D-Sign24.de in late 2014. René is a web designer from Neukölln, (Berlin, Germany) who builds styles for WoltLab's products since 2005. Since 2006 René's styles and plugins were downloaded more than 5,400 times.

Elevenfour Labs

If you would like to learn more about the current development going on than just head over to Elevenfour Labs. Where I write at irregular intervals about the development of new new styles, plugins and insider info on Elevenfour.

Visit Elevenfour Labs